• Rolex 18038 Day-Date 36mm
  • Rolex 18038 sharp fluted bezel
  • Rolex 18038 champagne dial
  • Rolex 18038 8385 bracelet with 55 endlinks
  • Rolex 8385 concealed clasp
  • Rolex 18038 registered design
  • Rolex 8385 bracelet with 55 endlinks
  • Rolex 18038 serial number
  • Rolex 18038 president bracelet stretch

Rolex Day-Date 18038

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MODEL Day-Date
YEAR 1988
SERIAL R376***
CASE MATERIAL: 18K yellow gold
DIAL Champagne gold dial 
BEZEL Fluted 18k gold

GLASS Sapphire crystal
BRACELET 18K yellow gold president bracelet
CLASP President concealed crownclasp
BOX no
OTHER Very sharp Day-Date with single quick-set

A true classic this 18k yellow gold Rolex Day-Date 18038. The Day-Date comes with the classic champagne dial and is a must have for every watch collector. The watch with r-serial dates back to 1988 and houses the Rolex caliber 3055 movement with a single quickset function.

The watch is in excellent condition with a sharp case and very sharp fluted bezel. The President bracelet with 23 links and 55 endlink has hardly any stretch. And lets not forget the date disc with the "open 6 and 9" .

As authenticity is one of the most important properties of the Watch industry. Not only do we want to prove that your watch is real, but more importantly, we are being transparent about the way we work.

All our Rolex watches have their authenticity secured and recorded on several blockchains using open source VIDT DAO blockchain technology. Let’s look at the steps involved:

Step 1.
The watch’s authenticity is checked and confirmed by the experts from 11-Fifteen.

Step 2.
11-Fifteen issues and anchors a certificate of authenticity for the watch, containing detailed descriptions and macro photos. The digital fingerprint, or hash, of this certificate is then included into several blockchains, making the document verifiable.

Step 3.
After purchase, the new owner receives the watch and the corresponding certificate in PNG format. The blockchain validated certificate can then be verified by anyone in 5 seconds, with just an internet browser.

Day-Date 18038 single quickset

Day-Date 180** single quickset

In 1978 Rolex Rolex introduced the successor of the 1803 Day-Date, the 5-digit Day-Date with a single quickset function.

At first sight, the 180*** looks very similar to the 1803. The dial lost its pie-pan shape and in the 180** was the first to receive the sapphire crystal. It holds the more advanced Rolex caliber 3055 movement, which ticks at 28800vph and features a quickset for the date. This way, at least the wearer could quickly advance the date on his Day-Date. The weekday complication still needed to be set by moving the hour and minute hands. There are a lot of sub-references for the 18000 series, such as white and yellow gold, barked or with diamonds and not forgot about all the special configurations. The 18000-series is produced for 10 years, as the successor was introduced in 1988.

Here are some of the options, where the fifth digit always defines the material.

  • Reference 18026: Domed bezel (Platinum)
  • Reference 18028: Domed bezel (Yellow gold)
  • Reference 18038: Fluted bezel (Yellow Gold)
  • Reference 18039: Fluted bezel (White gold)
  • Reference 18039B: Fluted bezel (tridor)
  • Reference 18046: Diamond-set bezel and index (Platinum)
  • Reference 18048: Diamond-set bezel and index
  • Reference 18049: Diamond-set bezel and index (White gold)
  • Reference 18078: Bark-finished bezel (Yellow Gold)
  • Reference 18079: Bark-finished bezel (White Gold)