Condition Grading Guide

Condition Grading Guide

At 11:15, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and transparent information about the condition of our vintage watches. Each timepiece in our collection undergoes careful assessment and is categorized based on its overall condition. To ensure clarity, we offer the following condition categories:

  1. Good Condition: Watches in "Good Condition" display signs of wear and age that are consistent with their vintage nature. These timepieces may exhibit minor scratches, dents, or patina on the case, bezel, or bracelet. While they might have undergone light restoration to maintain functionality, the watch's originality and integrity remain intact. "Good Condition" watches embody the authentic vintage charm and character that make them unique and desirable.

  2. Very Good Condition: Watches in "Very Good Condition" are handpicked to meet our stringent standards of quality. These timepieces showcase minimal signs of wear and possess exceptional overall aesthetics. With only minor blemishes, such as slight surface scratches or faint signs of age, they retain their originality and allure. Our "Very Good Condition" watches are carefully inspected and may have undergone light restoration to preserve their inherent beauty. They represent the remarkable craftsmanship and lasting appeal of vintage timepieces.

  3. Excellent Condition: The "Excellent Condition" category comprises vintage watches that are exceptionally well-preserved and exhibit minimal signs of wear. These timepieces are of outstanding quality and possess an impressive aesthetic appeal. "Excellent Condition" watches are subjected to meticulous scrutiny, with their originality carefully preserved. They may display only minimal signs of handling, such as superficial hairline scratches that are barely visible to the naked eye. These watches epitomize the pinnacle of vintage collectibles and are highly sought after by discerning enthusiasts and collectors.

Please note that our condition grading is based on our expert assessment and extensive experience in the vintage watch industry. While we strive to provide accurate descriptions, it is essential to understand that vintage watches naturally develop signs of wear and aging over time. We encourage you to thoroughly review the detailed descriptions and high-resolution images provided for each timepiece to make an informed decision.

At 11:15, we are committed to maintaining integrity and authenticity in all aspects of our business. Our condition grading guide ensures that you can confidently explore our collection, knowing that each watch has been carefully evaluated and categorized based on its individual characteristics.

If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding our condition grading or any specific timepiece, our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with the expertise and guidance you need. Immerse yourself in the allure and heritage of vintage watches with 11:15.

Rachel and Hendrik Baan
Founders of 11:15